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Luxury Wax Pedicure

Indulge in the Exquisite Luxury of our Wax Spa Pedicure with Professional Podiatry Treatment

Step into a world of perfectly pampered feet with our exclusive Wax Spa Pedicure, meticulously crafted to provide you with an unmatched experience of luxury, rejuvenation, and comprehensive foot care. Have you ever left a pedicure feeling like something was missing? Rest assured, our podiatrist-led treatment ensures that you not only receive a blissful pampering session but also benefit from professional podiatry expertise.

Our Products

We take pride in using Temple Spa, the prestigious winner of the best skincare brand of 2022, during our luxury spa pedicures. Every aspect of this indulgent experience is designed to elevate your senses, from the captivating scents and aromas to the delicate textures and specially formulated ingredients. Temple Spa products used during your pedicure are also available for purchase, allowing you to recreate the spa-like ambiance in the comfort of your own home.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate luxury as you surrender to the calming and relaxing properties of our Temple Spa products. Specially selected formulas, crafted to relieve anxiety, soothe the body and mind, and encourage restful sleep, envelop your senses. The anti-aging and hydrating properties of these products will leave your skin feeling truly pampered, nourished, and rejuvenated.

Our Wax Spa Pedicure includes a comprehensive traditional podiatry treatment. Our skilled podiatrists will assess and address any foot concerns you may have. Nails will be expertly cut, filed, and finished, and any dry, hard skin, calluses, or corns will be gently and professionally removed. Cracked heels will be smoothed, and a moisturiser will be applied, leaving your feet feeling soft, revitalised, and ready to show off.

The Benefits of Warm Wax

To enhance the therapeutic benefits of our Wax Spa Pedicure, we incorporate a special treat for your feet – the prende warm paraffin therapy wax treatment. This therapeutic wax not only provides a silky, smooth finish but also works wonders for your foot health. The paraffin wax helps decrease calluses, soothes the skin, and provides symptomatic relief for conditions such as osteoarthritis, eczema, and chilblains. You’ll experience a renewed sense of comfort and well-being as your feet are enveloped in this soothing and nourishing treatment.

To complete the pampering experience, our skilled professionals will ensure that your nails are finished to perfection. Choose from our selection of Dr’s Remedy Nail varnish, known for its high quality and vibrant colours, or indulge in our re-hydration nail treatment, designed to restore moisture and vitality to your nails.

At The Foot Room, we believe that your feet deserve the utmost care and attention. Our Wax Spa Pedicure combines the expertise of our podiatrists with the luxurious elements of Temple Spa products, delivering an experience that transcends traditional pedicures.

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