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Falknor’s Needling Technique

Our Falknor’s Needling Technique is an alternative efficient one treatment solution, with great results backed by literature and experience, perfect for those who have limited time for numerous appointments.

What is Falknor’s Needling Technique? Falknor’s Needling Technique involves treating a singular verruca or numerous verrucae with multiple, small ‘punctures’ to break down the verruca cells and wall. This encourages an immune response and resolution of the problem tissue over time. Similar to nail surgery, Falknor’s is always performed with local anaesthetic, ensuring a comfortable experience for our patients.

How Does it Work? During the procedure, the wart or verruca is repeatedly punctured with a fine, pointed, sterile needle. This forces the infected cells deeper into the skin, where the body’s immune system can target them. Over the following weeks, the plantar wart undergoes natural regression before ultimately disappearing.

With reported success rates of around 70%, Falknor’ Needling Technique offers a higher chance of resolution compared to many of the standard verruca treatments. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

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